Worship Service & Events-Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church

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Worship Service & Events

Worship Service:

Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Worship Service: 10:30 AM
Communion: First Sunday of month during Worship Service
Fellowship Dinner: Second Sunday of month at 11:30 AM

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Upcoming Events:

January 20th 5:30pm Wild Men's Game Feed
January 25-27, 2019 Men's Retreat at New Hope Christian Camp & Retreat Center




At Bethel we learn to share, invite, commune and interact with each other.  The Bible teaches the importance of fellowship. We need each other!

We are also givers at heart. We don't need to be a mega church to make a difference for the Gospel of Jesus.  There are opportunities within the church and out in the community as well as supporting missions that we hold very important in our personal relationship with Jesus.
If you attend Bethel and there is no spiritual growth in your life, then we did something wrong. Our desire is that you grow in your faith in Jesus.  That is why at Bethel we teach  faith is not just for Sundays but that it encompasses your whole life. Jesus is our Deliverer and our source of peace and joy.